Charles Hynson

Charles Hynson (1663-1711) was born in Kent County, Maryland in 1663. He was one of  three sons of Thomas Hinson (1620-1667) and Grace who immigrated to Virginia in the 1640s.   Charles’ father was a prominent early settler on the Eastern Shore.   The Hynson family owned plantations and served in political roles in the County.

Charles Hynson married Margaret Harris (c. 1664-1733), daughter of William Harris (c. 1644-1712) on March 25, 1687 at St. Paul’s Parish, Kent County, Maryland.   Hynson and Harris families attended the same Parish.Stpaulchurchmd









The children of Charles Hynson and Margaret were:

Child Born Married Departed
Thomas Hynson 1688 Wealthy Ann Tilden, 19 Oct 1710 1738
Dorcas Hynson 1690 1705
Charles Hynson 27 Aug 1692 Phoebe Carville 12 Oct 1782
Jane Hynson 1702
Margaret Hynson
7 Sept 1697 Samuel Groome
1 Jan 1712
Ann Hynson
15 Dec 1705 Edward Carwardin
William Hynson
23 Dec 1708 Martha Wickes  May 1767

Charles Hynson, like his father and brothers, was active in Kent County affairs. He served as Clerk (1693-4), as Justice (1694-7 Justice), as Vestryman (1699-1708), and as a Member of Maryland Assembly (1688, 1692, 1694, 1700).  He was also a Member of Maryland Assembly for Cecil County from 1698 to 1704.

St. Paul’s Parish became a hub for member of the families of Hynson, Bordley, Murphy, and Harris.  Several took leadership roles as Vestrymen.  Other had children who married each other.  Charles’ brother John Hynson’s daughter Ann Hynson married Reverend Stephen Bordley.  Charles Hynson’s daughter Margaret Hynson married Reverend Stephen Bordley’s son and namesake.  So Charles’ son in law was Reverend Stephen Bordley and Charles’ niece married his son in law’s father!

When Charles died, Margaret’s oldest child was only 23.  The widow Margaret became the Executrix to her husband’s estate.  Charles Hynson‘s estate was valued at  33B.118 A KE £432.12.7 £69.5.7 on October 6, 1712.   Payments were due to: John Williamson, Edward Rogers, Edward Davis, Dr. March, Dr. Brown, Jonathon Page, William Harcum, John Huff, Edward Cozens, William Glanvill, Samuel Berry, Col. Hynson, John Cooper, and Benjamin Kare/Carr son of Thomas Kare.

The Will of Charles Hynson, Kent County dated July, 10 1703 and probated November 6, 1711.

To son Thomas, personalty, and if he marry during life of his mother he is to settle over the Creek on “Father’s Gift;” he to be with sd. mother during minority.

To dau. Dorcas, personalty.

To son Charles and hrs., “Hynson’s Chance” on Graysen’s Creek; he dying without issue, land to revert to son Thomas; he to live with his mother during minority.

To dau. Margret and young. dau. Jean, personalty, including cost of schooling.

To wife Margret, extx., personalty. Testator further adds the plantation I now live upon need not be mentioned because otherwise ordered by the will of Thos. Boon and deed of gift of father Harris.”

To hrs. of William Stanley, personal estate.

Overseers: Father William Harris, John Wells, Robt. Dunn.

Test: James Hollis, Edward Jeames, Henry Nowland. 13. 385.

At the cemetery of St. Paul’s Parish, Kent County, MD, lie buried Charles Hynson on May 24, 1711.   Margaret Harris married James Murphy and later died on October 1, 1733.   Florida roadtrip July 2012 367


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    The last child you listed was Charles (1708 – 1767) who married Martha Wickes is incorrect That was William Hynson Same birthdate and death date and married Martha Wickes

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