Jacob Fratt

Jacob Fratts (c. 1725-1777) was most likely born in Germany — possibly in Wurtemberg.  He probably was a Palatine.

It appears that Jacob Fratts arrived by sea before 1758 because a record in the Colonial Laws of New York of public debt states: “Unto Jacob Fretz or his order, for a wagon etc. lost in his Majesty’s service in the year 1758, the sum of 6L 10’s.”  The identity of Jacob’s parents is unknown.

Jacob Fratts married Margarita Ernfrets (Vretje, Fratien) (c. 1725-1775).  She may have had a sister of Anna Fratts born in Wurtemberg, Germany.   Her parents are unknown but given the similarity of names, Jacob and Margarita could have been cousins.

Jacob was naturalized on December 31, 1761 along with Ernest Fretz of Schoharie who was possibly his brother.

Jacob owned a farm on the west side of the Hudson river near Latham’s Corners, Watervliet.  On the J. R. Bleekers’ map of the Manor of Rensselaerwyck, 1767, the land of Jacob Freltie (Fratts) is noted below at location 51 west side of the manor.

Jacob and Margarita had nine children.

Child Born Married Departed
Christina Fratt c. 1747 Lodewyk Sikker 23 Nov 1765 after 1804
Jacob John Fratt c. 1750 Maria Barbara
Magdalena Fratt c. 1752 Ludwig Gerngross     27 Jun 1770
Casparus Fratt c. 1754 Marie Davenport      c. 1779
Johannes Fratt 20 Feb 1757
Margaret Fratt 20 Feb 1758
Nicholaus Fratt  c. 1760 bap 5 Oct 1761 Elizabeth Johnson  1786 20 Feb 1809
Catherina Fratt  c. 1763 Christopher Raaf (Raff)
Elizabeth Fratt bap. 14 Jul 1766

Jacob’s granddaughter Christina Sicker of parents Christina Fratt and Ludwig Sicker, married William Roff (1769-1862), son of Frederick Roff (1727-1825).  Jacob’s daughter Catherina Fratt married Frederick’s brother Christopher Roff.   The families were connected through marriage and children.

Jacob’s son Casper was a witness to the will of Frederick Roff;s (1727-1825).  In a biographical note about Frederick William Fratt, railroad executive and banker, born in Racine, Wisconsin on July 10, 1859, it states:

His earliest known American ancestor was Casper Fratt, whose forebears came, presumably, from Holland. He was agent for the Crown and collector of rents, also agent for Herr Van Derheyden, who owned all of the land where Troy, NY, now stands.

Several of their sons fought in Captain Abraham Van Arnem’s Company in the New York Militia of the Revolutionary War.

Over the years,  Jacob and Margareta were involved with both the Reformed Dutch Church of Albany and the Gilead Lutheran Church in Centre Brunswick.

It is believed in the farm cemetery located near Lathams’ Corner, Watervliet (the Boght) that there are two gravestones bearing the inscription “Jacobus Frats, Novm. 11, 1777 and Mar. 7, 1775 (for Margareta?).”   RIP


The Palatine Families of New York- More Later Arrivals 1717-1776 ; p. 138 by Jones and Rhorbach


The Frat House



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